Belief as an Action

I am writing this paragraph, but I do not believe that I am writing it.  Believing would get in the way of writing. Thus, I’m writing, and not believing.  I try to do one thing a time. I also try to minimize the time and energy I spend doing various things – like browsing the internet, frowning, […]

Context as a replacement for “self”

A fugue on symbols, consciousness, zen, choices, and enlightenment People are happier when they think less about themselves. In this essay I want to propose a computational reason for that difference. In Godel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid, author Douglass Hofstadter describes a process where a brain mirrors the external world, and gradually starts […]

Following The Rules

The last two cars we’d sent into this damn neighborhood on drug busts both had “unexpected issues.” Both times, the same story — the cruiser stops at a stoplight, and then — Bam! — it just turns off. The thing won’t start up again. We call a tow truck, and wait for a ride. “We’ll serve that warrant later,” we told […]

Segregated Witness or Bitcoin Unlimited? Doesn’t matter.

The real battle isn’t among us — it’s between the defenders of the old, dying way, and a newer, better way. Like many of you, I’m a bitcoin early adopter. I bought into the idea in 2010 because I saw how broken and corrupted our financial system was. Like many of you, I’d hoped that we’d see our […]