Belief as an Action

I am writing this paragraph, but I do not believe that I am writing it.  Believing would get in the way of writing. Thus, I’m writing, and not believing.  I try to do one thing a time. I also try to minimize the time and energy I spend doing various things – like browsing the internet, frowning, […]

Functional Prayer Guide

Do not pray for success. Pray for the wisdom to see the ways you can best serve the world.  You will begin to cultivate the image of a better world in your heart. Work, in service of the world according to that image. You will be more successful than you can imagine. Do not pray for […]

The Journey Home

A frame is pushed upon the stack. An electron, stable in its orbital, is hit by an incoming photon. Its energy level increases. A  boy, stable in his youth, experiences something unexplained. His life becomes complex. A pebble is dropped into a lake, and the ripples travel outwards towards the shore. The wave from the […]

In Case of Emergency, Shatter Ego

i am not a process, but the pattern. i am not a system, but the shape. i am not a rapid, but the river. i am not the ocean, but a wake. i am not the etching, but an image. i am not the constant, but a rate. i am not the message, but a relay. i am not […]