love (a regular expression)

love is regular; consistent and thorough.

love is not what makes the world go round – it’s what keeps us from flying off.

love is regular, as common as “please” on a mass-printed signboard.

love is not all you need. it is necessary but not sufficient.

love is regular, the oldest cause, the best known story.

love is not the answer to the question of life, but rather a method of maintaining equilibrium in life.

love is uncomputable. to love fully, you must always know when to stop – especially when it’s against the rules.

love is not easy – but practicing love habitually makes hard things easier. love is an engine which turns attention into energy, and patience is its flywheel.

love is irregular, erratic, sometimes irrational  – and occasionally it’s purely imaginary.

love is not just real – it’s complex.

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