symbolic engineering

the period is perfect.

it makes a point: this statement is over. there is nothing more to be said.

if the period were bigger, it would be like its most worthless cousin, the exclamation point.  the exclamation point is nothing more than a period waving a line telling us “hey, there is a period here.” of course there is – why the need to tell us? i’m telling you, there’s no reason to ever use an exclamation point!  if you have to tell someone to respect your authority, you don’t really have any authority to begin with.

the question mark – now there’s something interesting. what the hell is that thing over the period? why does it follow such a weird path to get there? it starts out going away from the point, but then turns towards it, then away again, and then – SNAP! a sudden left! now it’s straight down to the point: is there any better example of symbolic engineering than the humble question mark?

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