a teardrop is convex hull

a teardrop is a convex hull; a smile is concave.
diverging from a voided null, “hello! come in!”, she waved.

in pain, experience is rarefied – sweating smiles in the sun.
in weakness, union clarifies: we live and die as one.

the empty stadium refracts the stomping of the crowd.
the programs scattered on the stands, all absences allowed.

we grinded then, mixed up that night, put on an awful fight.
all calumny is circumstance,  all confrontation slights.

a star explodes, we say goodbye; another, bigger, better bang.
we coalesce, we meet afresh, we build it up the same.

a raindrop is a convex lens. i greeted her: “good day!”
our smiles formed two concave mirrors. a light was born that day.

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