an allegory on thought

attention every programmer: your mind is your mainframe
your beliefs the central processor; your registers hold names
the social context is the stack, this post is the top frame

attention network engineers: the culture is the cloud
TCP congestion comes when someone speaks too loud
proper trust is slow-start; acknowledge, and the window of understanding opens:

a shared mutable state which is both consistent and available necessarily fails due to network partition. the physics of an earthquake, plate tectonics, the shear strain of causal domains moving past each other – this is the strain of war.  we know this makes no sense. mutable state breaks shared reality. adding a timestamp to queries allows append-only state to overcome the CAP theorem limits – at the cost of never having your mistakes forgotten.  i’m ok with that – and i’ve made a lot of mistakes. probably more than you.

attention most dynamicists: the human flock adheres:
separate individuals, aligned in shared belief
cohere around the principle of loneliness relief

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