dj plutocracy in the house of representin’

i’m dj plutocracy,  frackin’ your democracy,
paying all my lobbyists to run this crooked show!
i’m buyin’ climate’ lies to pollute the world’s skies
pumpin’ congress fulla cash till the tar sands start to flow

my money’s made of speech, y’all! self-knowledge leads to power.
democracy’s a joke when you’ll make less in your whole life than i do an hour.
but please y’all, i beseech y’all, i just want to shrink the state!
that’s why i’ll give nine-hundred mill to leaders that you hate.

SERIOUSLY david koch, i also want the government to be smaller, but you giving $900 million to politicians and lobbyists is the opposite of that. you’re just making all of us small government supporters look like jackasses. you’re making the government BIGGER because everyone sees you as the face of the ‘small government’ movement and they rally against your crap. if you REALLY think the market does it better, use your money to start companies that solve problems better than the government is currently doing.

neyer out.

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