Rand Paul Needs to Support LGBT Rights to have any Traction

Rand Paul has announced his presidency campaign today. I’m on board, but only if he comes out in strong support of LGBT rights. If he doesn’t do this, he’s never going to get any voters outside the chunk of the Republican party that is far more interested in voting for someone who confirms their existing beliefs like Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz.

Rand Paul has said he’s taking bitcoins for his campaign – that’s awesome!  To prove that I’m right about this policy issue, here’s a bet I’ll make with you, the internet public.  Most bitcoin supporters are also in support of LGBT rights. I’m willing to bet I can count the number of bitcoin supporters who are aren’t also gay rights supporters on two hands. If I can’t, I’ll eat my shirt.

For the purposes of this wager, bitcoin supporters are anyone who holds at least one bitcoin and have held it for over a year. People who aren’t supporters of  LGBT rights must be willing to publicly state that they think businesses should be free to fire people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered. If you, the people of the internet, can produce enough of those bitcoin-supporting opponents of LGBT rights that I can’t count them all on two hands, then I’ll eat my shirt and put the video on youtube.

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