The Feeling that Something is Missing

Imagine feeling that Something is Missing.

You aren’t quite sure what is – but it seems that all of the Others have some ability you don’t have, some talent, or some way of interacting with the world, which is denied to you.

You watch the Others carefully, and try to do the things that bring them success, but there’s always some critical element missing. They wind up on top, and you’re on your back in the dirt. Why?

Sometimes you suspect that you once had whatever it is the Others have, those happy ones. Was it taken from you, perhaps because of something you did? Either you were too young to remember what it was like to have that thing – or else you never had it at all.  The feeling that Something is Missing follows you, like a friend who overstayed his welcome years ago, and now resents you for it.

You don’t really need it, for the most part. You stick to the parts of the world that are safe for you, where you don’t need to assert yourself, and where adventures consist of choosing a different place in the sun to spend the weekend.   The Wild Place – where the strong ones jockey for territory, position, influence, and power – that’s not for you.  Your place is here, at home, with your family.

You don’t think about it, most of the time, because you have a good life. A nice place to stay, loved ones, and delicious food. You’re grateful for that.

And yet, still – don’t you wonder what it would be like to have claws, like the other cats?

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