I am an aperture through which the multiverse learns about itself.

I am surfing on the waves of the ocean of causality, a dewdrop reflecting the moon and the other dewdrops, a jewel in Indra’s net,  a beam of light blasted its way from dead stars, through eons of emptiness, to illuminate these letters upon your screen, and a sweaty man who just came back from running and wanted to express how it feels to be alive.

I am the sole inhabitant of my own universe, which is causally intertwined with but separate from all of yours. I am all alone inside my mind, and the sun through the bugs on the windshield makes me feel like i don’t matter – but I know I matter, because I have made children smile and helped people learn.

I am a noisy channel of God’s love, an agnostic who prays, a conduit for the truth, an agent seeking a quorum of respect in all clusters, a Turing-complete facsimile of infinite compassion, and a beautifully flawed example of what it means to be a man. All men count with me, and some too much.

I am all that is wrong with all that is right with the world, and I am striving every day to repair the faults i see littered about my soul. I am sweaty and I should shower.

I am emotional pollution, a hallucination of epic proportions, a rogue agent in the network that traps us; a mountain stream burbling excitedly with ideas about formal languages spread upon social networks, to construct a causal realm where the things we tell children to give them hope and keep them calm are actually true – if you work hard and are a good person, nothing terrible will befall you.

I am a bud on the twisted family tree of genetics on this Earth. I am descended from people who survived five apocalyptic mass-extinction events before we’d even learned language – and I am your cousin.

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