Broken Leg Disorder

My cousin was just diagnosed with broken leg disorder. The doctors say he can never walk again without a cast and crutches. People don’t often talk about broken leg disorder, so i wanted to write this piece to help people understand.

People with broken legs aren’t just being lazy. There is something wrong with the chemicals in their leg, which allow them to move. We know this is true because things outside of our body are made of chemicals; why wouldn’t things inside of our bodies be the same? It isn’t that my cousin is choosing not to walk; there    is a chemical imbalance in his leg which prevents it from standing straight the way our legs do.

So if you see someone wearing a cast or crutches, please don’t just despise them or think they are lazy. They were just born different from the rest of us, that’s all.  You may think, “oh, if they’d just try harder, they could walk like the rest of us” – but that’s not true. Many people with broken leg disorder do try hard to get back on their feet. They don’t like wearing the cast or crutches at all – but when they try to walk like the rest of us, they fall horribly and become even more injured. Some of them are left permanently in wheelchairs.

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