The Continued Domninance of The Technology Sector

For each of the following pairs, which do you think is more likely?

1) Apple starts building electronic cars and succeeds.
2) Ford starts building either laptops or mobile phones and is successful.

1) Amazon starts producing food and food products, supplying restaurants with basic ingredients and groceries and stores with white-label food brands. They are successful.
2) Con-agra foods sets up either a cloud computing API or an e-commerce website and is successful.

1) Uber starts a logistics services that delivers packages and freight, and is successful.
2) Fedex starts a personal transportation service that gives people rides, and is successful.

1) Google creates a consumer / small business banking product and is successful
2) Bank of America creates a search engine or mobile operating system and is successful.

What does this tell you about the future of the economy and tech companies? For extra  credit, factor in that the economy is wobbly now, while big tech companies are sitting on huge piles of cash.

share your thoughts!

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