The Journey Home

A frame is pushed upon the stack.

An electron, stable in its orbital, is hit by an incoming photon. Its energy level increases.

A  boy, stable in his youth, experiences something unexplained. His life becomes complex.

A pebble is dropped into a lake, and the ripples travel outwards towards the shore.


The wave from the ripple starts as a unified whole, but because the pond is not a perfect circle, the same ripple hits the sand at many different  places and times



Eventually the ripple from the pebble completes its exploration of the shore. Its story is compete. The most interesting location was where a boy scoops brown water from Lake Lorelei,  and pours it into a turquoise bucket. They boy sits in the warm sand and imagines the lake getting shallower, as he fills the bucket with water.

“If I pour this bucket into the lake, the lake will get a tiny bit deeper,” he imagines, and sees that it is true.

“What if i just poured a single drop into the lake – would the lake still get deeper?”  He imagines, and sees that it is true.

It smells of damp, with mussels on the rocks, and the creaking of a pontoon boat tugging at the dock – but he doesn’t notice these, because he is lost in thought.

The boy becomes a teenager. He continues to imagine.

He explores, he journeys – he learns about the world.

He stumbles, he fails, he fails.

He dreams, he yearns – he wonders through the world.

He pleads, he cries, he wails.

He gets back up, and tries again – over and over – until lying on the floor is just a less comfortable way of standing, until getting back up becomes a habit.


The electron returns to its stable energy level, and emits a wave packet – like a ripple in the lake.


The wave packet from the photon travels outward from the surface of the star – a sphere at first, just like the ripple in the lake was a circle.  The ripple in the lake, caused by a pebble falling, explores all points of the shore – some sooner than others. The photon in space, caused by an electron returning to its natural energy state, explores all branches of the multiverse – some sooner than others.


The longest path in all cases is discovered – to maximizing learning, to increase the quantity of the external world reflected by the internal world, to strengthen the fidelity of the reflection that reverberates along the strands of conscious experience, braided through spacetime like the strings on a harp.


The boy becomes a man.  The electron returns to its ground state. The ripples subside. The stack frame pops.

All knowledge comes from grasping the infinite – and all journeys eventually lead home.

One thought on “The Journey Home

  1. Mark, thanks. Food for thought. I wonder if the line we often draw between the infinite and the finite is not a blurry one, that really there is not a dichotomy between them but different experiences/ perspectives of the same.


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