About Me

The Basics

I am a father, a husband, and an author.

I am a developer by trade, and a creator by nature.  I wrote a book of poems and short stories which you can find on amazon.  My wife and I created an educational app for kids, as Professor Tomato.

I am the fourth of nine siblings. My sister ava and brother jay both blog as well.

I studied math, physics, and computer science.  I have been fascinated by the P vs NP problem for a long time.

I have worked in finance, video games and internet startups. I’ve worked at big companies like Google and Facebook. I’ve also worked at small startups, some of which became big.

I have one daughter and two cats.




The Mechanics of Emotion is a small book containing selected essays, poems, and short stories.

Following the Rules is a short story that was featured as an editor’s choice on medium.com

A talk I gave at the University of North Carolina, titled “Empathy Lessons Learned through Distributed Computing“.

An autobiography. Written several years ago, it may be out of date.



library for generating python command line arguments using reflection. Use this!

library for generating django url patterns using reflection. Don’t use this.

An image of a flower, generated from a python script which used its own source as the seed for the random number generator. it contains a description of itself, like dna. I lost the script. make of that what you will.

an html5 poem about memory and loss, which destroys itself over time.

another image of a flower which will act as a family crest for the family my wife and i are starting.  I kept all of the revisions of this script as i worked on it, so you can see the source and each image as it progressed.


see more good stuff at https://neyer.me

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