About Me

The Basics

I am a father, a husband, and an author. I am a developer by trade, and a writer by obsession.

In school, I studied math, physics, and computer science.  I have been fascinated by the P vs NP problem for a long time.

I have worked in finance, video games and internet startups. I’ve worked at big companies like Google and Facebook. I’ve also worked at small startups, some of which became big and some of which no longer exist.



APXHARD.com is a blog where I write essays. Most of these are based on the idea that people are computers – i.e., we receive, store, modify, and transmit information. Common themes include personal growth and development, where techniques are developed and based upon modifying the flows of information traveling through your brain.

The Mechanics of Emotion is a small book containing selected essays, poems, and short stories that I wrote. My Mom says it’s a great read.

Following the Rules is a  sci-fi short story about hackers and a tired old police officer. It was featured as an editor’s choice on medium.com

Hello, Worlds is about an engineer who works at a Tech company called “Hooli,” who often wonders about the nature of consciousness.

A talk I gave at the University of North Carolina, titled “Empathy Lessons Learned through Distributed Computing“.

The CoinDCA Bitcoin Blog is a blog for a project, CoinDCA, to enable people to buy small amounts of cryptocurrency daily.


CoinDCA, a tool that allows people to automatically by small amounts of cryptocurrency every day.

library for generating python command line arguments using reflection. Use this!

see more good stuff at https://neyer.me

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