How To End the Culture of Constant Outrage

There are a lot of things to be outraged about. As the saying goes, “If you aren’t outraged, you aren’t paying attention.”   And yet, we all do have limited attention, and most of us need to spend most of that attention to focus on our work and ourselves, or else our own lives suffer. Outrage directed […]

The Third Discovery of Another Earth

The first time it happened, we fought about what it meant.  We’d found another planet in our galaxy, that looked just like Earth:  seven recognizable continents, laid out roughly like ours were.  There were differences, but when someone talked about ‘Florida’ on the Kepler 0787b,  you knew which peninsula they were taking about, even if […]

The Continued Domninance of The Technology Sector

For each of the following pairs, which do you think is more likely? 1) Apple starts building electronic cars and succeeds. 2) Ford starts building either laptops or mobile phones and is successful. 1) Amazon starts producing food and food products, supplying restaurants with basic ingredients and groceries and stores with white-label food brands. They are successful. […]

I Worked Hard To Get Where I am

When I was 14, I woke up on the floor of my friend’s house. It was January, 2000. I knew that we were living in a tech bubble. That morning, I realized the economy would be crap when I graduated college, and so I’d better get good grades in school now, so I could get […]

Is The Trump Campaign Working For Hillary Clinton?

Remember the Obama birth certificate thing? It was actually supporters of the Clinton campaign that first surfaced those questions in 2008 when she was trailing to Obama. It Trump who kept going on that issue, long after everybody else had dropped it. This produced a big win for Obama after the real certificate came out.   Trump is […]

Why Social and Analytical Intelligence Rarely Coincide

Or: Why Terrorists and Communist Leaders are often Engineers Or: Why Autism Would Not Be A Disability If Presidents had Ph.D.’s We all know the stereotype of the nerd with no social skills. Big Bang theory is an entire television show based around this trope – these guys are super smart, but they don’t understand people. […]