Your House is On Fire!

You thought you smelled smoke, so you went to investigate. The kitchen was hot. It was flickering, too. Kitchens shouldn’t flicker. But yours was. You called to your wife, and the two of you ran out the front door. You fumbled for your phone to dial 911. As you passed the threshold, you thought, briefly, […]

Compass Needles and Mood Swings

Mood swings are a common, well experienced phenomenon. Many people experience them when doing something like raising children, earning a Ph.D. or starting a business. People are more likely to experience mood swings when doing something challenging that they’ve never done before, which involves learning something complex about a big part of the world. Some […]

The Physics of Emotion: Senses and Signals

I wanted to use physics to understand people. I could use the same physical models to explain why the Earth is round, and why the moon orbits around it. I wanted to use those physics to explain why people ended up on the moon. I wanted to use physics to understand why people move the […]