Self Driving Cars: Bigger Than You Think

Check out this map of Target locations in the area around San Jose. There’s a roughly uniform density of Targets. Nobody is more than 3 miles or so from a Target. This map is roughly 9 miles on a side. Screenshotted from Google Maps. We Care About Travel Time, not Distance Target consumers don’t care how geographically […]

Welcome to the Age of Immortality

Editor’s note: this document was found in an old physical archive of “Internet”, a primitive electron-based thought-networking mechanism of 20th century origins. Thousands of years ago, In the mid 21st century, we finally achieved technology that would grant human beings physical immortality. For some, this new world is Heaven. For others, it’s Hell. And for […]

Software is the World In Microcosm

Cultural Quirks Whenever I move to a new environment, there’s always a period of learning the quirks and unstated assumptions of that new environment. This learning period exists whether the new environment is “graduate school”, or “this web application being built by this team.” During this learning period, you can’t expect to get much done. […]