How to Be Happier

Put down that selfie stick, and get on your hoverboard! Consumer culture has produced two perfect metaphors, which will allow me to illustrate a great approach to better happiness. Consider: The World as a Selfie Stick Some people treat the world like a selfie stick. They keep it at arm’s length, and use it to create […]

Your House is On Fire!

You thought you smelled smoke, so you went to investigate. The kitchen was hot. It was flickering, too. Kitchens shouldn’t flicker. But yours was. You called to your wife, and the two of you ran out the front door. You fumbled for your phone to dial 911. As you passed the threshold, you thought, briefly, […]

Try Practicing Error-Aware Thinking

Not accounting for error is a very common error. When I was in Boy Scouts, we had a rule about campgrounds: You had to leave it cleaner than you found it. The rule was not, “Take away all the trash you bring in” — the rule was, “before you leave a site, find any trash and remove it.” […]