I worry for the country.

If I didn’t have the experiences I’ve had, it would be easy for me to believe everything is fine. In Silicon Valley, most employers pay for health insurance. Many of us eat three meals a day for free at work. Pretty much everyone here plans to vote for Hillary because the system we have is […]

Moral Dilemmas For Your Consideration

Are you bored of the trolley problem? Is it too simple to be of any use in determining what it means to be good? Why not explore some of my nightmares, instead? Each of these scenarios comes from dreams or other hallucinations I have experienced. Many of these nightmares would reoccur until I found a […]

Full Stack Engineer

Physics gives us the rules of the game,and chemistry lays out the characters.Biology’s strategy — that much is plain — while Consciousness acts like a narrator: “This happened! That happened! How Bad! How Good! How Sad! How Perfect! How Droll!” Your role in this mess, should you choose to accept,is to focus your mind on the whole. Do not […]

This is a Typical Human

A typical human being looks like this: Just your average, normal, every day, human. What shape is that? Well, it’s kind of a lump, with some interesting parts. Some stick out, some are inward. That’s hard for us to think about: What a mess. Because complicated things are hard to think about, we use simplifications. A ‘person’ […]