Consider Money as a Formal Language

If you want to see what a person values, see where they spend their money. When you give someone money, you are speaking in a mathematical language about what you value. A million bucks is not an easy thing to come by. People don’t hand out a million bucks for nothing. If someone says “I am […]

The Secret to Happiness

A young man came from a good family, had a good education, and knew that a good future ahead of him. Still, with all of these good things in his life, he was not happy. The young man felt that something was missing. He went in search of the happiness that was missing. In his […]

Welcome to the Age of Immortality

Editor’s note: this document was found in an old physical archive of “Internet”, a primitive electron-based thought-networking mechanism of 20th century origins. Thousands of years ago, In the mid 21st century, we finally achieved technology that would grant human beings physical immortality. For some, this new world is Heaven. For others, it’s Hell. And for […]


A tree is a reflection of its own history — and the history of the entire world. The same is true of you. A history book. Image from Wikipedia. If you cut open a tree, you can count its rings to see how old it is. You can also measure the thickness of the rings over the […]

The Physics of Emotion: Senses and Signals

I wanted to use physics to understand people. I could use the same physical models to explain why the Earth is round, and why the moon orbits around it. I wanted to use those physics to explain why people ended up on the moon. I wanted to use physics to understand why people move the […]

Software is the World In Microcosm

Cultural Quirks Whenever I move to a new environment, there’s always a period of learning the quirks and unstated assumptions of that new environment. This learning period exists whether the new environment is “graduate school”, or “this web application being built by this team.” During this learning period, you can’t expect to get much done. […]