Energy, Emotion, and Capital

Consider the economy as software governing a chemical reaction. Note: Previously, I wrote about one way I look at money: as a mathematical language. Because people found that essay interesting, I thought I’d write another in the same vein: let’s look at the economy as a process of energy, as if it were a chemical […]

Why the Something Feels the way it Does

A just-so story. At first, there was nothing. This was very confusing. “Why is there nothing?” Everyone asked. “Wait — who is doing the asking?” Clearly, this wasn’t going to work. So we decided that there would be something. We called the something a game, because we were playing at creation. The first game wasn’t all that interesting. […]

There Is No Other Way

Everything is born in pain that sees the light of day. There is no method without tears; there is no other way. To grow and learn, to empathize, you need to suffer first. Through indignity we recognize the world at its worst. There is no origin without sadness, no birth without its pangs. The anti-matter […]

Full Stack Engineer

Physics gives us the rules of the game,and chemistry lays out the characters.Biology’s strategy — that much is plain — while Consciousness acts like a narrator: “This happened! That happened! How Bad! How Good! How Sad! How Perfect! How Droll!” Your role in this mess, should you choose to accept,is to focus your mind on the whole. Do not […]