I worry for the country.

If I didn’t have the experiences I’ve had, it would be easy for me to believe everything is fine. In Silicon Valley, most employers pay for health insurance. Many of us eat three meals a day for free at work. Pretty much everyone here plans to vote for Hillary because the system we have is […]

I just took a Time Machine to 1996.

Here’s what happened: Most people were excited to talk about the future of the internet. I showed them a machine from my pocket more powerful than machines costing them thousands of dollars. They loved it! Then we got to talking about politics. 1996 was an election year, too. Bob Dole had just put up a […]

In Defense of Politics

Politics is often considered a dirty word. When something bad happens, we often blame ‘politics’. I don’t think “politics” should be a bad word; rather, I think politics is an important part of human activity, and is very poorly understood. I believe many of our problems stem from bad politics — not from politics itself. Skagit Bridge […]

America Needs Silicon Republicans

The Republicans are like Carbon atoms. You know — a good old molecule, that works well because it’s simple. They’re Pickup Trucks, Apple Pie, and Baseball. One problem with Carbon is that it can be extremely resistant to the flow of electricity — which is a huge part of our modern era. A carbon resistor just gets all red […]